Holidays in Sifnos island

Sandy Sifnos beach in Cyclades, Greece

Sifnos is a typical Cycladic island with lovely beaches, sugar white houses and wild landscape. Located on the western side of Cyclades, Sifnos can be easily combined for holidays with Serifos, Milos, Folegandros and other islands on this side of the Aegean Sea. Although Sifnos is largely developing in tourism over the last years, however its development is controlled and the island does not give away its traditional character.

In the day, people head to the beautiful beaches of Sifnos, especially in the southern beaches of Vathy, Faros, Platis Gialos and Apokoftos, which are the most popular, while they spend evening with a dinner at a seaside tavern or with a drink in Apollonia, the capital village of Sifnos, or the picturesque village of Kastro.

Sifnos hotels and tourism

Sifnos hotels vary in range and type. Tourism in Sifnos is well-developed although the island still keeps intact its traditional style. This is why hotels in Sifnos are constructed with the Cycladic architecture, painted in blue and white and with lovely seaview balconies. Respecting the local culture and urban character is a primary characteristic of Sifnos hotels.

Most accommodation in Sifnos island are found at the southern side, along the popular beaches of Vathy, Platis Gialos, Faros and Apokofto. These beaches are lined up with fantastic Sifnos beach hotels, only few steps from the sea. However, there are also many nice Sifnos apartments, hotels and studios in Apollonia and Kastro, the two main villages on the island. Nice and convenient Sifnos hotels are also found at Kamares, the main port of the island that also has a large sandy beach.


Although there are nice beaches all around the island, the most popular and organized Sifnos beaches are found on the southern side. Vathi, Platis Gialos, Chrissopighi and Faros are the busiest Sifnos beaches, organized with sun beds, umbrellas, Sifnos hotels and seaside taverns. Due to their comfortable sandy coast, the shallow seabed and the tourist facilities, these beaches are great for families. There are also few beach bars that play music all day long and attract younger visitors.

Other nice but more quiet beaches in Sifnos are Kamares and Heronissos, both located on the northern side of the island. In fact, Kamares is the port beach but its large size offers both organized and secluded parts. A drive around will also bring visitors to secluded bays with no facilities at all, where they can enjoy a private day under the hot Greek sun.


The capital town of Sifnos Greece is Apollonia, a countryside village with traditional Cycladic architecture, like all the other Sifnos villages. Due to the urban development of Apollonia, it is almost attached to two other close villages, Exambela and Artemonas. Exambela was the homeland of Nikos Tselementes, a famous Greek chef, and a large gastronomic festival takes place there every September.

Among the most picturesque villages in Sifnos is Kastro, the old capital in the Medieval history of Sifnos. Kastro village is located on the eastern side of Sifnos island and spreads on the slopes of a hill, offering wonderful view to the Aegean Sea. Kamares is the port village, while smaller and touristic villages in Sifnos include Faros, Vathi and Platis Gialos, where many Sifnos seaside studios and taverns are found.


Although the island has nice beaches and picturesque architecture, sightseeing in Sifnos Greece is few. Most attractions in Sifnos are Cycladic churches and monasteries spread around the countryside. The most famous church of Sifnos is the Monastery of Chrissopighi, a fantastic white church with Cycladic style, located on the southern side. This monastery was originally established in the 16th century and is built on top of a rocky sea peninsula cut in two parts. The Monastery of Chrissopighi in Sifnos celebrates on the first Friday after the Greek Easter and attracts many pilgrims.

Of course, there are many other monasteries and churches in Sifnos island, some dating from the Medieval times. A drive or hike around will lead your way to stunning little chapels with Cycladic architecture, such as the famous church of Seven Martyrs at the entrance of Kastro village. Very interesting are also the Monastery of Panagia Vounou (our Lady of the Mountain) and the Monastery of Panagia Vrisis (our Lady of the Fountain), where there is also a small ecclesiastic museum.

Other museums in Sifnos are the Archaeological Museum in Kastro, with exhibits from excavations on the island, and the Folklore Museum in Apollonia, with items of everyday use, costumes, furniture, tools and weapons of the locals that date until the mid 20th century.

Sifnos in a glance

Swim in: Platis Gialos, Vathy, Faros, Apokofto (Chrissopighi) and Kamares
Things to see and do: Visit the Monastery of Chrissopighi in southern Sifnos; walk around the picturesque village of Kastro; take selfies with the famous church of Seven Martyrs in Kastro as a background.
For a night out: Have a relaxing night in Apollonia or Kastro, as this is where most bars of Sifnos are found. These bars are lounge and usually close at around 2-3 am.

How to get to Sifnos

Sifnos can be reached only by ferry. There is no airport in Sifnos. 
By ferry: The ferry from Athens to Sifnos departs from the port of Piraeus, the main port of the Greek capital. Ferries to Sifnos from Athens are almost daily and run all the other islands of Western Cyclades, including Milos, Kimolos, Serifos and Kythnos. Therefore these Greek islands can be combined for Greek island hopping holidays. There are also frequent ferries from Sifnos to other Cyclades islands, such as Santorini, Ios, Folegandros, Paros and Naxos.
By plane: The closest airports are found in neighboring islands of Cyclades, such as Milos, Paros, Santorini, Mykonos and Naxos, that receive internal flights from Athens and some islands even receive charter flights from abroad. After arriving by plane in a close island, passengers can take the ferry to Sifnos.

Villages and beaches
Kastro Sifnos: Church of Seven Martyrs

Beautiful Kastro village in Sifnos island, Cyclades: Kastro is arguable the most picturesque village in Sifnos. Built on top of a rocky hill, Kastro distinguishes for the fantastic architecture and its gorgeous view to the Aegean Sea. This settlement was constructed in the Medieval times on the site of the ancient acropolis of Sifnos. In fact, Kastro was the capital of the island in the Medieval era,...

Nice Cycladic church in Apollonia, Sifnos island

Apollonia, the capital of Sifnos island in Cyclades: Apollonia is the capital village of Sifnos, also known as Stavri by the locals. The name of this village survives from the ancient times and it means that it was dedicated to god Apollo. In fact, it is believed that in the antiquity there was a temple of Apollo on this location but it does not survive today. Apollonia officially became the capital...

View to the beautiful bay of Kamares, in Sifnos Cyclades

Kamares, the port town of Sifnos island in Cyclades: Kamares is the largest seaside village and main port of Sifnos island, Greece. The village of Kamares extends on the right side of the bay, just around the port. It has many shops, tourist services and ceramic workshops, which have long tradition on the island. The village got its name because of the many caves in the region, as Kamares actually...