Holidays in Leros island

The road with the windmills leading up to the Medieval Castle of Leros

Leros is a small island of Dodecanese perfect for families and people who enjoy non-crowded places. Even in August, which is high season for Greece, Leros Greece has a cozy atmosphere, with small seaside villages scattered around the island and lovely beaches, both organized and non-organized.

Agia Marina, Alinda and Lakki are the most tourist places in Leros, with nice tourist accommodation, family taverns and small shops. Leros is geographically located close to other islands of Dodecanese, which is why it is a great location for island hopping. Close islands to hop by ferry from Leros include Patmos, Kalymnos, Kos and Lipsi.

Leros hotels and tourism

Tourism in Leros is not as developed as in other Greek islands. Leros is a small island of Dodecanese that remains off the beaten track and is visited mainly by families and people who enjoy quiet vacations. Away from mass crowds, Leros Dodecanese is easy to access by plane or ferry and has nice tourist facilities, including traditional taverns, shops and Leros hotels. The majority of accommodation in Leros island is found in Agia Marina, Alinda and Lakki, while less tourist places to stay include Vromolimnos and Panteli.

Villages and Beaches

Leros is an island of small size and rich culture. Due to the many centuries of foreign occupation, Leros has formed its own special culture with picturesque villages, interesting buildings and various sightseeing. The main villages of Leros are Lakki and Agia Marina, while very tourist is also the seaside village of Alinda. Agia Marina, along with the neighboring Leros villages of Platanos and Panteli, are three villages almost united with the building expansion. Architecture in Leros villages is a combination of Greek traditional and Italian style due to the many years of Italian occupation from the early until the middle 20th century.

Apart from nice villages, there are also lovely beaches in Leros. The island has both organized and non-organized beaches, some with pebbles and others with sand. The most organized Leros beaches are Alinda, Vromolithos and Xirokampos, offering sunbeds, umbrellas, taverns and family accommodation. The island also has many unorganized beaches, some of which can even be accessed only on foot.


As Leros Dodecanese is an island with long history, there are few many interesting sights to visit. The most important sightseeing in Leros is the Medieval Castle that stands on top of a rocky hill above the villages of Platanos and Agia Marina. This Castle was constructed in the 13th century by the Knights of Saint John and survives until today, although it is half-ruined. The Castle offers great view to the Aegean Sea, while below its entrance is the small chapel of Prophet Elias.

Another interesting sightseeing in Leros is the War Museum outside the village of Lakki, on the southern side of Leros. This museum opened recently, in 2005, and is actually housed in a real tunnel built by the Italians during World War II. Other Leros sightseeing include the famous windmill in Agia Marina, the Historical and Folklore Museum in Alinda and the War Memorial in Lakki.

Leros in a glance

Swim in: Alinda, Vromolimnos, Xirokampos
Sights to see: Medieval Castle in Agia Marina, War Museum in Lakki
For a night out: try a meal at a seaside tavern in Agia Marina or Lakki and an early drink

How to get to Leros

Leros is a small island of Dodecanese that can be accessed by plane or ferry.
By plane: Leros has a small airport on the northern side of the island, in the region of Partheni. The airport of Leros accepts only internal flights from Athens three times per week. The flight time from Athens to Leros is 50 min.
By ferry: There are ferries to Leros from Athens three to four times per week. The ferry to Leros departs from the port of Piraeus, the main port of Athens, and the trip takes about 8-10 hours. The overnight ferries are especially convenient for visitors as they can book a cabin for this long trip. Leros island is also connected by ferry to other Greek islands, such as Rhodes, Kos, Patmos, Kalymnos and more.

Villages and beaches
View to the beautiful and tourist village of Agia Marina in Leros island, Dodecanese

Agia Marina is a beautiful seaside village and a main tourist place in Leros island, Greece. Agia Marina is also a commercial port of Leros, along with Lakki which is the other port town of the island. Spread around a nice port, this picturesque village of Leros has typical architecture with traditional houses, elegant buildings and paved paths. The most typical spot of Agia Marina is the old windmill...

The small church of Agios Isidoros is the landmark of Alinda in Leros island

Alinda is a lovely tourist village on the northern side of Leros island, just 3 km from the villages of Platanos and Agia Marina. In fact, Alinda is among the most tourist places in Leros Dodecanese. It is easy to access from the airport and the port of Agia Marina. Visitors shall find all kind of tourist facilities in Alinda, including family hotels, seaside studios and apartments. Along the beach...

The port promenade of Lakki in Leros Greece is a nice place for relaxing walks

Lakki is a picturesque village on the southern side of Leros island, spread around a large natural port. Due to this large port, Lakki has become one of the two commercial ports of Leros (the one is Agia Marina), where ferries from Athens and other Greek islands arrive. As this is one of the largest natural ports in the Mediterranean Sea, Lakki was largely used as a stopover and shelter of military...