Holidays in Ithaca island

Stunning beach of Filiatro in Ithaca island, Ionian Sea

Ithaca island is world famous as the beloved homeland of Ulysses (Odysseus), the legendary hero of Homer. In literature, its name is frequently connected to a significant goal of a lifetime and the peace of soul. In fact, this small island in the Ionian Sea is a fantastic place for total relaxation. With lush greenery, small coves with crystal water and authentic style, this is a gorgeous place if you are looking for peaceful holidays.

Ithaca hotels and tourism

Tourism in Ithaca is not much developed. Although there are various kinds of hotels in Ithaca, from private villas with pools to small family studios and self-catering apartments, tourism is kept in low profile. There are no large resorts in Ithaca, like in the neighboring island of Kefalonia. Ithaca hotels are totally adjusted to the local environment and architecture, with one or two floors, nice balconies and red tiles on the roof. A wonderful place to stay would be a beach hotel in Ithaca or an apartment with fantastic view to the Ionian Sea.


Beaches in Ithaca are famous for their gorgeous crystal water. They are not large in size but small coves and they are found all around the island. Only few Ithaca beaches are organized, such as Filiatro and Sarakiniko, while the rest are almost secluded and there are high chances that you are totally alone, especially in low season. Agios Ioannis, on the northern side of Ithaca island, is also a nice family beach with blue green water. A stunning place to swim in Ithaca Greece is Gidaki, a totally secluded beach accessible only by boat from the port of Vathy.


Ithaca villages are small and traditional. Vathy is the capital town of the island and actually spreads around a large natural bay. Until few years ago, Vathy was the main port of Ithaca but now most ferries arrive in the small port of Pisaetos, on the other side of the island. Stavros is the second largest village of Ithaca, located on the northern side. Kioni and Frikes are two small seaside villages with relaxing atmosphere and few Ithaca hotels and apartments. Few more Ithaca villages of smaller size are spread around the island, such as Anogi, Katogi and Perachora.


Apart from the lush green nature and the lovely beaches, sightseeing in Ithaca is few. The most famous thing to see is the Monastery of Panagia Kathariotissa, located on top of a high mountain in close distance to Anogi village. This monastery offers the most breathtaking view to the bays of Vathy and the Ionian Sea, as this is actually the highest spot of all Ionian islands. Other sightseeing in Ithaca include the Archaeological Museum of Vathy and the Archaeological Collection in Stavros, which is open only in summer.

Ithaca in a glance

Swim in: Filiatro, Gidaki, Sarakiniko, Agios Ioannis
Things to see and do: visit the Monastery of Panagia Kathariotissa to see the breathtaking view to the Ionian Sea; hiking across the island
For a night out: there are only few lounge bars in Vathy for a drink and most bars have closed until midnight

How to get to Ithaca

Ithaca can be reached only by ferry. In summer, there are many ferry connections between Ithaca and close ports. There are daily ferries to Ithaca from Sami port in Kefalonia. There is also a ferry from Kilini port in Peloponnese, mainland Greece, that goes to Poros Kefalonia and Pisaetos Ithaca. Moreover, there is local ferry connection between Vassiliki port in Lefkada and Frikes port in northern Ithaca. In high season, there is also a ferry to Ithaca and Kefalonia from the small mainland port of Astakos.

Villages and beaches
The port town of Vathy is the capital of Ithaca island, Ionian Sea

Vathy (or Vathi) is the capital town of Ithaca island, in the Ionian Sea. This town spreads around a large natural bay and distinguishes for its traditional architecture with the small houses, the red-tiled roofs and the Venetian mansions. The severe earthquake that hit the region in 1953 destroyed many houses and buildings in Vathy but fortunately many of these houses were rebuilt in traditional style...

Seaside cafeterias in Kioni, a picturesque village on the northern side of Ithaca island, Greece

Kioni is probably the most picturesque village in Ithaca Greece. This seaside village is surrounded by lush greenery and the waters have a fantastic blue green colour. The small port of Kioni is lined up with few fish taverns and cafeterias. Many excursion boats from Kefalonia and Lefkada arrive in Kioni, on the northern side of Ithaca, and allow visitors to see at least part of the beauty of Ithaca....

Fantastic blue green water in Filiatro beach, Ithaca island

Filiatro is among the most beautiful beaches in Ithaca island, Greece. Located only 5 km from Vathy, the capital of Ithaca, Filiatro is a small bay with stunning blue green waters. This is probably the best organized beach on the island, with sun beds, umbrellas and a restaurant-cafeteria on the shore. Small rocks and much greenery surround the beach of Filiatro, which is actually close to another...